I have become clueless as to how to respond to these things so last night I threw the question out to my friends, “how do you respond to an elderly person who tells you that ile obinrin o kin pe su?” and the responses were hilarious. One told me to remind them that their mates are in the grave and then ask when they will go join their mates, another told me to politely say that my man is in an overseas country and that we talk via phonecalls.


Being 26 – Memoirs

I had other things planned for 26, you know? Have a child, build a house, start work on my school building project etc. Life said otherwise, which is why I do not dwell on long term goals.  For weeks, Passenger's song 'Scare away the dark' has been on replay on my music playlist because the … Continue reading Being 26 – Memoirs

On heartbreaks and suicide

There is news going round about a fifteen year old girl who committed suicide because she was heartbroken from a failed romantic relationship with a boy. Along with the condolence comments are comments about how stupid she was to have even thought of killing herself. I am hoping that someone will read this and see … Continue reading On heartbreaks and suicide


I am putting this post up because it is one of the most searched topics on the blog. I believe most girls have been left confused as to whether doing a High Vaginal Swab test otherwise called HVS, would take away their virginity or expose their non-virgin status. Aidee is here to the rescue. After … Continue reading HVS, PAP SMEAR TEST AND THE VIRGIN