to you

Here’s to you

Who had the best of childhood

Laughed and cried with family

Who learnt to trust

Who had it all going until the day it all stopped!

Who knew what lay in the future

Who aspired for greatness

Who had great dreams

And though it may not seem all rosy again

There’s someone who understands…ME

You whose ingenuity was noticed by strangers

You who knew failure but persisted

You who strived and worked hard for greatness

You were tough, you were strong

And when you finally had what you wanted,

it all went away!

Do you feel no one understands?

Well, someone does…ME

You had the best of friends, few but reliable

Maybe one reliable one! But you failed?

And you think your ‘friends’ don’t understand your actions?

Someone does…ME

So, dear friend, sometimes life treats us so bad, we feel like dying

But the strong conviction to press forward, move on

And tell our story to our yet unborn generation is what keeps us alive

So when you think people do not understand your reason for taking those steps

Those seemingly crazy steps!

I assure you…I understand

And when your best friend looks away from you and gets tired of talking to you

And you feel like you have disappointed the world

Do bear this in mind…

It’s only just a matter of time

Aal izz well

You are not alone! I perfectly well understand…

We will survive!!!!!


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