saved by the visit

Today would have been d worst day of my life if I hadn’t gotten up from bed when I did… My Blackberry phone decided, yesterday to have its revenge on my peaceful self, just when I was i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the middle of a sweet talk. Was I mad? I hit and hit the phone, but it wouldn’t work so I thought, oh well, it probably needs a break from the many hours of typing. I woke up this ‎​♏awning and restarted it for about ten times(yeah dats wha I typed).. Nah, my baby refused to work. I called Tunji(my boyfriend) to request for a new one and he agreed to get me one but next week seemed too long so I braced up, and decided to leave home for a while, so at least I would forget I had a phone..I replaced my BB wiv a ‘china phone'(embarassed), then paid Joseph and his newly wedded wife a visit.. There, I told him about the phone and he offered to repair it. I spent about 5hours. Ate, drank, watched a movie and watched him repair my phone. Was I glad when it started working?!(Pheew). I left with him, my last money… Honestly food doesn’t matter to me when I don’t have my BB to play with.. I’m so glad my phone’s back.. It survived the ‘surgery’ afterall.


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