My relaxed self

Wow! What a day!! I had fun in my own little way. I was able to write something for the article and my phone worked perfectly. I couldn’t go to school today, I guess I need to get used to the fact that the holiday has finally ended. My younger sister finally came! Yeah, just as I thought, she came with a really huge appetite. I fear for my foodstuff and she insists on leaving next week! I missed her though… She loves noise, she has interrupted my constant silence with music (she has a nice voice).
My namesake and I are not talking because he thinks I’m jealous (which is partially true) but I was only ‘pissed’ because he was only interested in talking with her on my phone!
I played games, listened to music, chatted and I’m now blogging. I spent today doing nothing tangible but it was worth it…. Tomorrow is sure going to be totally different.
My pillow needs my attention now(Yawn). Tomorrow’s another day… Bye ya.


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