sleepless day!

It’s 4.43am, I’m lying down and my sister is right beside me. I can’t sleep because she is disturbing me! She keeps singing (in her sleep!), and she’s whispering stuff like ‘you will suffer, I’ll deal with you’ (lol), well, that’s the sister I have. But she isn’t totally my reason for not being able to sleep, I’m also thinking about my close friends.. Fond memories… Friends I’m thinking about and missing are Ena, Femi, Tobi and Erhime. Those are/were my four closest pals. In all, Femi was the best, he was and still is my best friend.
Soon enough, I’ll be blogging about fond memories then we’ll know what I cherish most about my friends.
There are so many dead cockroaches in my room, and they stink! Well, I admit I murdered them; I poisoned them with the KILLER POWDER! I guess the smell is just their way of saying ‘we know it’s you’ (how scary!). My air freshener can’t even do it’s job well.
Anyway, I’ll be in school today just to see what’s going on. I just wish lectures were taken from the comfort of one’s bedroom, then I wouldn’t have to go all the way out to school.
I can’t wait to see the rising sun, but for now, it’s good morning..I’m off to catch 2 hours of sleep. Cha cha!


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