I Wish!

You know, trusting people with just a little information could help you understand how much you shouldn’t trust. Being a best friend to someone who does not appreciate isn’t worthwhile. Having a friend who doesn’t ever want to see you look good is really bad. Making a stupid mistake is totally bad and having family and friends who make you cry is worse.
I just wonder why I’m so nice, and why its so hard to get people who will just appreciate me for me!
I’ve always loved being alone but, just when I decide to be a little bit free with people, someone, somewhere is always there to make me understand it’s a wrong decision. People want to take my generosity for granted, they want to take my womanhood for granted, they want to take my gentility for granted, they don’t realize that I’m trying hard to live for them and it hurts. It hurts so bad.
I’m tired of everything, tired of living for others. People make mistakes, I’ve made some, and I’ve learnt from some and I’m tired of regretting past mistakes. I’m tired of forgiving. I think I prefer the real malicious, hot tempered, unforgiving, wicked me. The problem is, I’ve worked so hard to be the sweet me that I’m reluctant to go back. All I do is get pissed, shout, go somewhere quiet and cry it all out.
I just wish…


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  1. Find someone else to pour it out to and if u don’t find anyone, keep looking, there is always someone out there, willing and wishing(just like you) that he/she can help out anyone, anywhere, anyhow they need it…. And don’t stop being the nice you, cos it pays to be nice!!


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