That feeling

Each day, I am constantly reminded not to get close to people. You never know what it is they feel about you, how much hate and disgust is behind their smiling faces. How much they detest your presence and when you feel you are getting along… BOOM! The bombshell… They speak out, unconsciously, when you think you are getting along, the get so ‘pissed’, they tell you just what’s on their mind, they tell you how disgusting you are, they compare you with other friends of theirs, they make you feel so unwanted, they make you cry, they make you retreat into your always sober self, they make you understand that you can’t always please them. Then they realize how bad you feel about reality and then they apologise. And again, the circle starts all over again and once more, you feel bad. You feel like something is wrong with you. They judge you, your belief, your habit, your looks, your smile, your attitude. But people talk, don’t they? What’s there is to learn… Learn to live, without them. Learn to cry, without them. Learn to laugh, without them. Learn to play, without them. Learn to learn, without them. Cry all you want, feel bad, it’s all part of the lesson. The lesson of life. Then at the end, we’ll see what comes up. This is what I’ve learnt.


What do you think?

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