What a sunday!

Happy Sunday!

It was going smoothy, until, well, until i was cajoled to go to church. The story?

i was outside my hall yesterday, taking cool, fresh air when my dear neighbor came to invite me to her church. Of course, i declined. i tried to convince her beyond reasonable doubt as to the reason why i couldnt attend her church.and she, in return managed to convince me beyond reasonable doubt to attend. 

in order to ‘shoo’ her away from me, i had to agree to attend this ‘special church program’.. she did tell me that she was going to wake me up very early on sunday morning, and we both agreed for 8:00am.

It is Sunday today. I woke up quite early, stretched as soon as i got out of bed, yawned and grumbled a little. i grumbled as soon as i remembered that my Sunday wasn’t going to be as usual, i was going to have to go to church. so i mumbled a few words in prayer and planned to find a was to frustrate this lady so she would not have to knock on my door.

Then i got the perfect plan,i would pretend to be asleep while she knocked and whenever she got tired, she would leave my door alone. PERFECT! so i set out as planned and when the much anticipated knock came, i quickly shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. she knocked and knocked and knocked and i just lay on my bed. I heard her tell someone that i was deep in sleep, then she went to herb room. Was i relieved? i jubilated on my bed. But my joy was cut short when she returned and knocked again. This time harder than before. i thought she was going to break my door. i would have jumped up in that instant to warn her not to break my door but i didn’t want my plan to be jeopardized so i relaxed and let her knock her knuckles off. she asked another neighbour for my cell number and tried to call me, but of course my phone was switched off. she returned to her room and just when i heaved another sigh of relief, she came back in full force, determined to break down my door. i couldn’t bear it anymore, i had to ‘wake up’ from my sleep. she made me go to the bathroom and i had no choice but to go to church, but that was the beginning of the end. the rest of the story is left to your imagination.


What do you think?

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