imperfect me

it is yet another sunday and i am here with my very good friend, Efe. it is his  birthday. i went through the stress of baking a blue cake yesterday.

yeah, it was stressful, mostly because i was having this really terrible headache but then, the stress was not too much compared to what he has done for me so far. so i set out in the evening of yesterday to get a couple of things needed for the cake. Got back home just in time to start the baking.

so the cake did not turn out as perfect as i would have loved it to. i felt bad and i was almost goimg to cut it and eat it alone just because i wanted it to be perfect but then, when i thought of how much i had spent and how i would end up starving on the long run, i had to modify the icing on the cake and it turned out perfect, well, almost perfect. so today, i wrapped up the cake, and got on a bike and went to deliver the cake to the birthday boy. He did appreciate it, although he hasnt yet tasted it, i am pretty sure he would be slightly disappointed when hentastes it but then i have learnt one thing…it doesnt always have to be perfect, there is also perfection in imperfection.


What do you think?

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