So we all wished, as children that we grew up fast, so fast, because we wanted to be treated as adults.

I, as a kid wished to grow big breast. I was tired of having a flat chest when kids my age already had started using brassieres. I would stuff clothes in my singlet just to deceive my friends that I had big breasts. I was frustrated when, at fifteen, my tiny buds, which had begun to shoot, stayed that way for over a year. Painful as never! And at seventeen, my first bra! Ayah!! Right now, I always am eager to get home and relieve my breast, though small, of the bra.

One other wish I made as a child was to start seeing my period. I mean, it was the in-thing, to tell your friend that you were having menstrual pain! Yes!! Now, we all know it’s annoying when the visitor creeps in like a thief on that special night you had perfectly planned. Sometimes, the pain is so annoying; you just curl up and cry. Sometimes, it gets scary when the period doesn’t show up but the truth is, it’s really a pain in the ass!

I was always on low cut hairstyle. I was looking foreward to graduating from secondary school because, i would then have the opportunity of having the long hair i had dreamed of. These days, i budget so  much on just making my hair and looking fine. Talk of African Beauty!

As a child, I wanted to be free. I wanted to be independent. I have that now. I have to work if i will feed,dress, or pay my bills. Life was much easy as a child, when there was nothing to think about. Food was always there, even if parents had to starve. I had my own share of dolls, though old. My parents bought me Christmas dresses, though not all the time. I played, I sang. I did everything a child would. I was so intelligent because I had nothing to worry about (save growing up).

Truly, life as a child is easy. But we all have to grow up, don’t we?


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