Well, this is one popular theme most churches use sometimes for special meetings. The purpose of these meetings is crystal clear. You can imagine how many people attend these fellowships, the majority of them being ladies. Men, these days are scared of marriage. They would rather have a woman for keeps rather than for a wife. (its somewhat hard to explain). So, you can imagine the look on a lady’s face when she realizes that most of her childhood friends are married and she cannot count the number of weddings she has attended.

Truth be told, a lot of these ladies have actually missed the opportunity. They were busy ‘enjoying life’ that they forgot they were getting old. but some others were just victims of men who used them and ended up marrying others. This, of course excludes those women/ladies who already had made up their minds to not get married for their own reason. They are independent and are satisfied with the life they live. They get what they want, whenever they want it. Truth be told, I really love the idea of being a married woman even if marriage comes with its own challenges.

This is not excluding the men. For some reason, some men have issues with getting married. However, unlike the ladies, their reason is, well, unreasonable. Perhaps, the unmarried old men have a low self esteem. I mean, there are many ladies who are ready to settle with any man. No one who is so desperate cares if the man is or isn’t ugly. A man could decide to not get married because he is impotent. He probably has a small penile, or is a poor, wretched man. Even the latter reason doesn’t work because there are some women who are married to really poor men. So, why do men decide to not get married. The  answer, according to ‘yours sincerely’ is ‘they are INCAPABLE’, not all of them, but most are.

Back to the topic at hand, some ‘men of God‘ now make a lot of money from prophesying ‘this year is your year’! A lot of ladies would give anything to attend every ‘MY OWN WEDDING MUST HOLD’ seminar. They would do anything possible, would go to any length just to hold the title ‘Mrs’.
This blog, well, isn’t entirely about me. I must admit though that I want to be married too! Its the truth..I’m young,industrious, single, free, independent…name it. I am scared of the word, but it comes with respect and i want the respect. Sometime back, i thought i shouldn’t get married..’just buy a ring and wear on your finger, bear a child for a proxy dad and live life as usual’. Then again, that’s just my ‘plan C’.

I imagine a life without a man, a life without someone to cuddle (not teddy bear). I imagine how it would look like being ever so independent and having a child who doesn’t know his/her dad just because mummy wanted to be selfish. I think I want to get married. But my young mind is also choosy. The man must be ‘Mr right’..Tall, dark and handsome. Looking at single ladies who have achieved a lot, I guess I will just restrict my preference to Rich, Cute, Sexy, Romantic, Generous, Caring, Fun-loving, Potential good daddy, Tall, Not too fat, Be from a nice family, Educated, Older, Loves fashion….That can’t be too much to ask! (Okay that’s me kidding). The bottom line remains … ‘MY OWN WEDDING MUST HOLD’…C’est finite



  1. LOL…Astronomically Hilarious yet so true…Love the way you made your right up real I enjoyed it and got instructed from it too…Am 32 (yet to be married and not in a relationship yet) and I look forward to getting married too My Own WedDing Must Hold na#biggrin#Keep it up Erimzy…Thumbs Up.


  2. Its funny this still happens.
    However methinks it still circles around d individual qualities of d respective parties.
    Sometime U dnt feel ready but here comes dat person who makes U feel so ready & U both feel d same way.
    Dis rarely happens tho and dats cos we would rather be with dat person who fits our fantasies but is more of a square peg in our round holes or vice versa.


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