This post is dedicated to those men who are just scared of asking that girl out just because they fear they would lose the ‘trust’ she has for them. I wonder why I recently am focusing on relationship and relationship issues. My dear friend (whose name I fear to mention) likes this girl so much. I say ‘so much’ because, whenever I bring up her topic, he no longer is ‘that strong guy’ I have always known him to be. He stutters so much and behaves like an eleven year old who just had his first kiss.

 According to him, she is strong willed and has a heart no one can read. To me, she has created this shield and is so disciplined that my friend cannot just approach her. He is okay, for now, being her ‘bestie’. Girls like that happen to be cautious. They do not want to give their hearts to just any man, so they are very protective of themselves. They are the apple of most eyes but these eyes are just too scared to pluck!

I love teasing men. I just have to naturally like you; I have to flow with you. I do not like a man who just tries so hard to please me. You know? Do not try to impose yourself; I will like you just the way you are! So some men try so hard to please the girl, they would want to say the right things. The boring ones would want to be funny, just so the girl ends up liking them to a great extent. Well, that doesn’t always work for me and it surely will not work for girls with my kind of attitude.

I told my fried not to try to please the girl. He is scared of asking her out. Sweetheart, walk up to her and tell her you like her and would like a close relationship with her.

Oh well, sometimes, even that bold gesture turns me off, unless of course, you say it in a really sweet way. Then again, funny guys just have their way. I like it when a guy is just as fluent in speaking as I am, that way, our chats would be more interesting.

Now, I wonder what it is that is so scary about a girl who decides not to smile at/with every Tom, Dick and Admirer who just comes her way. I wonder why it is so hard to talk to a girl who decides to not be so dependent on a man, a girl who decides not to be carried away by money and a girl who is focused and knows what she wants from a man. A girl who insists she has to have a hardworking man.

Here’s the hat trick, you want senorita? Get a job! Why date a girl you cannot make comfortable? Look, even if she is the most understanding girl in the world, she sure would feel discouraged at a time t. A lot of people complain that there’s no opportunity for the youths. Well, I got news for you, you aint gowna get her with that mentality. Ask yourself, the girl is hardworking, she is focused, why not prove to her that you are equally capable?

Be generous… buy her gifts. I know it’s a little too early to start buying her gifts after all you haven’t yet told her what’s on your mind but trust me, a gift from a man turns on the music. She doesn’t have to know what you have in mind, she just has to know that you are not stingy. If she loves writing, get her a journal. You know, little things she may like. I am not a counsellor but I do know what I like and I love gifts. She is most likely going to see through you. You should not have any ulterior motive. The girl is bound to say ‘NO’ at first. It’s a precautionary motive but where’s your boldness if you just accept her answer and back out? Look, this lady is like a woman’s egg, lots of spermatozoa swim just to fertilize that golden egg (it isn’t golden, I know). They have to fight to get there, but along the line, some of them give up, they die and some others push on because they are determined. At the end, only one gets to kiss the almighty egg and they live happily thereafter; the reward then comes after nine months. The one that gets the egg is actually the one with the most confidence.

Finally, I’ll add that I love men who read. The more you read, the more you know. If you don’t like reading, how do you expect to know the exact lines to use to woo a lady? That’s by the way though. You just have to share in her dream. This isn’t titled ‘ten ways to win a girl’s heart’. It’s for those men with just enough confidence to be their dream lady’s friend but not enough confidence to propose a closer friendship. Good luck to you men and I’m hoping my favourite admirer reads this so he’ll know just what to do.






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