WHAT IF? (pt 1)

While listening to the preacher today, I asked myself, again, the question I always find myself asking… What if?

What if I wasn’t born? What if I was as poor as those homeless children in poor countries? What if I died today? What if there is no God? What if I was disabled? What if I was a boy? What if my parents had terminated my growth while I was still making a home in my mum’s belly? What if I hadn’t the opportunity to be literate? What if I was the last born child of my parents? What if the world ended now? What if there was only one universal language? What if I didn’t have to worry about money? What if mosquitoes transmitted HIV? What if there was no disease haunting the universe? What if we lived in another planet asides Earth? What if my teddy bear could talk to me? What if everyone had a genie granting their wishes? What if I had a Lamborghini? What if I was the most popular lady in the world? What if there was no religion?

Oh, the questions just keep coming and there seems to be no logical answer. Perhaps, one day I’ll get all the answers, the real answers. The final question is this: What if you were given two options; death or life? what would you choose?


2 thoughts on “WHAT IF? (pt 1)

  1. u and words are like good music in a club house…nice piece ma’m, but sometimes try to be really present in church wen ur dia, maybe u could actually finally catch a blessing someday! lol, stimulating, thought provoking…


    1. i was all ears dearie but you know a couple of words from the preacher inspired this blog post. It could come from anywhere, just catching the ‘rhema’ and dropping it like it’s hot. Thank you for the encouragement though. You have fun.


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