UNIBEN AT DAWN: Raining Scorpions and Ebelebo…

almondscorpion It isn’t strange to see a once empty class now full whenever exams are so close. I sometimes go to read in my department when I feel I am lagging behind school wise. I was there, as usual last night and, for the most part, I was online. Reading  is becoming quite tedious these days. But that isn’t the story behind the title.

I left school in the wee hours of the morning (5.00am). Everywhere was still dark but I had to make it to my hostel before anyone noticed I had gone to ‘night class’. I admit though, that once or twice, I got scared of the dark. I jumped at the littlest sound and I remember calling on the name of Jesus when I heard the russtling of leaves. Uniben at dawn is beautiful, near indescribable, I’ll find words to describe a percent of the scenario.

The School library has some ebelebo (almond) trees. You should walk past that area in the morning. The smell of fruits on the trees is amazing. Of course, the ground is always littered with these almond fruits, or ebelebo as I would rather call it. You see beautiful girls eagerly picking the fruits from the ground like there’s no tomorrow. I know right? They wouldn’t dare hustle for the fruits in broad daylight.

The dim street lights around hall 1 and 2 make the tarred road leading to Faculty of Social Science a little lit. It is at this time of the morning people come out to jog. Here’s where I laugh at the girls with big breasts who have to chose between holding the breasts while running and just strolling. Since no one would actually recognise them, Omo girls hold their boobs and run…who them send? Then there are the prayer warriors….they ‘kabash’ every morning. Some just stay on the fields and some in their rooms in the school hostel. Their voices so loud, even Satan would reject a healthy  breakfast! Sometimes I wonder if they aren’t scared of snakes that may be lurking around in the gardens of Eden. Maybe they’ll just ‘tread upon them’ .Talk of faith!

The lovers strolling at this time is another wonderful sight. They make me miss my ‘relationship days’, holding hands and exchanging loving glances while Yours Sincerely watches them in jealousy (Puff, I’ll get a new prince charming soon). There are also the playboy wannabes who just attend night class in order to “Set P” (Ask Sir Farouk, He understands the slang better). Oh, I forgot to mention the lonely efikos and observers like moi, who just walk around and take note of how many streetlights are on.

Finally, BEWARE, it’s rainy season, you know those giant black scorpions that pretend to be wet leaves (eew, I’m already shuddering at the statement), they are everywhere, EVERYWHERE. This is why I get scared of walking in the dark. My neighbour killed one of those creatures in her small kiosk where her one year old son was playing. If you ask me, I’ll advice you to sleep in the comfort of your cozy room instead of going to Uniben to watch the break of dawn, but  if I don’t watch it, who will?

I will be leaving the university soon. Sweet relief! The only thing I’ll miss is the wonderful scenery of UNIBEN at dawn. All is well that ends well.




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