Why? I don’t know! I just stopped imagining myself in the wedding gown a long time ago, and No I’m not ‘too young’. Most of my childhood friends are married, and I always dreamt of wearing my customized version of a wedding gown. That was until sometime back. I’m no sadist but really, Aren’t you scared of spending the rest of your life with a stranger? Okay, this is not to discourage the dreamy girls…I’m happy for my married friends and I have gotten my own share of marriage proposals. I’m such a wonderful girl.

Fancy this, the groom-to-be gets all scared on the wedding day and decides not to come. That’s entirely suicidal. I have never attended such a wedding and I hope to not attend it. The beauty of weddings to me is in the decoration of the wedding hall, the bride’s dress and the calibre of people who attend the wedding. I also look out for latest fashion trends. “Think about it girl, I told my friend, “you get married and are trapped in a union, you have kids, you have fights, there’s the good time though.. you get fat, you suddenly hate the way your man snores, he demands for sex without consideration. You don’t get to party with the ‘girls’, you don’t get to date other men. He cheats on you as soon as you stop getting sexy, and you get to sleep with just one man for the rest of your life! Plus you have to share EVERYTHING!

Okay, there’s the good part of marriage. You just have to be with the right man and a lot of girls aren’t with the right man. Trust me, I give marriage advice to some of my married friends. They scare me, you know…My husband did this, my husband did that..I hate my husband. All I tell them is for them to face their kids. The woman has to make an effort in keeping her marriage. See, once you are married, in Nigeria, you are second hand material…even the non-married, non-virgins are preferred.

It’s a thing of respect I know, but what’s the essence of the respect when you are suffering and smiling? You get to enjoy a marriage ONLY if you have a romantic, ‘I love Cuddles’ man who is mature and respectful. Trust me babe, you need a magnifying lens to get that kind of man.

Okay, on a last note, don’t listen to me! I’m just an annoyed, unmarried lady! If I see my Prince Charming, I’ll join the crew. I just don’t want my friends to be in a hurry to get married. Shine your eyes! Go to parties and have plenty fun,for, as my scripture says, MARRIAGE WILL CHANGE IT ALL. If you’ll excuse me, I need to register on this new dating site.




  1. I like the subtle humor you weaved into this. I like your speak – and I like the way you passed your message without exactly saying it.

    That’s good writing. Well done.


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