If it was inevitable i would definitely be a misjudged felon, one serving time for a crime i didn’t commit.. the uneventful saga that followed after the unsung dream..
I was left wasted.. falling deep down through depths i knew not of.. they say ‘if you going to fall in love you better think twice and fall in love with someone who is going catch you when you fall’.. but it seems I have a knack for falling for self centered lads who never catch me… now am bruised broken bones lacerations and scars.. each fall left a scar… broken bones without clones… funny enough gravity itself is a bitch… so I would be singing the song like BOB “don’t let me fall”.. as I scribble this short note, I am left with a grin on my face, confident not to fall again so soon… or preferable watch people fall and try my best to catch them or just watch without remorse how they fall and bruise it all….. “the bullshit i had to live with” each chapter had names and they are the names of each sordid relationship as the greased creased pencil carved itself in paper… if I could forgive the hurts, I definitely wouldn’t forget…. trust had lost its taste and truth was shortly aborted like a miscarriage.. deceit, infidelity crude beliefs that a man must be responsible for your finance even the ungrateful gigolos who are a disgrace to ‘adamhood’… ….

As I looked at the bottles of red wine starring back at me… Sunday would be precise.. get drunk and cry while I am drowning in its numbness…. crying.. tears so salty from pains.. laughter of a man mad.. lost in the cruelty of Eves sting…
The term benefactor, oh yes he was.. not in his heart but she had termed his charity and care a simpleton.. she exchanged each care with a night of sex… he was lost deep down in her deceitful bosom… play mate like the play boy house… cruelty exposed… she had him cornered.. brutality is when she promised and juxtaposed it for another… a mere play thing… they frolicked the clubs.. got drunk from spirits and smoked away like a chimney.. they stood by road sides and sold their bodies for a few currencies.. turned their soul to mistress and widowed their future husbands at 18 years of age but then at 28 they are desperate and turn the house of God an abode just to be married.. seeking innocent men to deceive and infect with cruelty… the scriptures is fulfilled…… in her touch was judgement and her kiss was the gavel… her hips was the jury and her lying tongue the judge…. letters began to dance as tears blurred his concentration.. he starred deep at the wedding invitation.. his beloved girlfriend was getting married.. the groom was some other… he had lived to live his entire life for her…. then they say maybe you two where not meant to be.. you would find love again… like anybody actually knew how you felt… bruised.. used.. bruised used and abandoned… scorned.. torn.. and broken… battered black eyed and lips swollen… sunken.. drunken wallowing in alcoholic comfort…
“the bullshit i had to live with” ….
It continues……………

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