That evening, I stuffed a few clothes and a present into a bag. Everyone knew I never hesitated to travel when I had the opportunity. I never went to my parents’ though, it was my boyfriend’s house. It was late that evening, I had just finished my last exam and was eager to embark on the 5 hour journey. As I got to the park, I was lucky to find a car going the same direction. All the buses had left. I paid the fare, though more expensive and settled on the front seat while waiting for two more passengers to fill the car. After what seemed like eternity, we were ready to hit the road when a man ran into the park begging to come with us. He would pay any amount. The driver pleaded with me to allow him sit in front with me. Though uncomfortable, I adjusted my sitting position and the new passenger was grateful. The vehicle then left the park.

The driver seemed to be in a hurry as he sped and overtook other cars. My heart was going to jump through my mouth! All this while, no one in the car was talking. The silence was deafening. We got to a gas station where the driver had to refuel his tank. This was when Peter (not real name) introduced himself. He offered to buy me something to eat. He even gave me some apples. Being a loyal girlfriend, I assumed he was trying to woo me into an affair so I switched to my defensive mode and rejected his offers even though I was very hungry at the time. I had just used the little cash I had to buy some toiletries for my boyfriend’s restroom.i was relieved, though that Peter started a conversation, what with the killing silence in the vehicle. He and I talked about many things, my school, course of study and other topics. I never really took note of his looks but he seemed advanced, in his late 30s maybe and all this while, he never told me much about himself save the fact that he was working in Warri, Delta State.

We talked and talked but it seemed he could detect the defence in my attitude so he didn’t ask who I was going to visit. Now the driver had almost gotten to my destination but just before I came down, Peter asked for my cell phone number which I gave to him. I was happy to be around familiar faces once more. I crossed over to my boyfriend’s house where the welcoming greetings I received from his friends gave me a sense of belonging. Gosh! A month of absence felt like forever.

While watching a movie that night, all cuddled in Sam’s hands (not real name), Peter called. He had just gotten to his destination and was still very grateful I let him sit beside me. He also wanted me to come visit him sometime. I did all I could to make him understand that I was unavailable. I believe he understood after a while because the incessant calls stopped. That night, I slept safe in the arms of the one man I loved with all my heart….



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