Would it be possible to forget? All the lies and the hurt? But inadvertently we just have to forgive so we would move on… I ain’t the only guy who has been heart broken by the woman he loves but only a few men have been brave enough to tell the world about the sorrowful painful experience…
The fear that our fellow male folks would call us weak, chicken, laughing it out in a bar, men telling lies of how they had crazy sex with their female friends and they had series of climax, when It was just a sham, women faking orgasm and we men in our folly we fall for it… women, a vast plenty of actress who should carry out their God given talents in the studio.. a man would die a million deaths over for a sexual fantasy with a girl who had such powers in bed..
Isioma was one of those girls, she was a nympho, she couldn’t see a hard male penis and let it go, I didn’t know from the start but I thought I was satisfying this goddess of sex, not knowing my little male penis had no powers over her womanliness below….
On the night we met, it was cool and cuzzy, I took her out of my apartment with a bottle of table wine and two glasses, she looked beautiful in the jean pants and bodices she wore, I could see her shape, as her clothes clung unto her body firmly she looked like a manikin just meant to model a clothing design my mind went astray that moment as I gazed at the fullness of her behind and her buxom wonders she carried in her chest, she radiated of sex and romance, we walked hand in hand towards my car, my jalopy 230 mecedes Benz saloon….. I motioned on her to sit on the bonnet of the car while I popped open the wine, the explosive popping filled the night air as the fresh smell of wine like the musk of a musk rat gave way to feel the evening aroma…. Her looks where never betrayed all these while I tried my antics to lure this beauty to my charms, she just showed no emotions,…
As I filled her glass and handed it over to her, slowly filled my own glass, I dropped the chilled bottle on the bonnet of the car, she held her glass and said with those angelic voice, “ and we toast to?” I was about to stutter, mmmhhhh, to life, to wealth and to a growing relationship between us, she just smiled and said in reply, “ that statement is pregnant and heavy” ooohhh forgive my assumptions my lady, beauty has a way of making me move faster than my shadows… she smile this time,…. I looked at her dimples, it held a long sweet beauty that required a soft tender touch.. we rattled away into the night talking about life, and all, there was the climax when I took my move to the other end,,, I had to tie the discussion with my proposal….
We had found our way into the car that night, it was precisely 12 am in the morning, she looked tired, we had turned quickly from acquaintances in few hours to bosom friends we where like familiar spirits,… in that moment her hands were on mine and I spoke like an actor from a movie,… “ you see my lady, time waits for no man, and every coming and going if we see opportuinties we should take it, I am lucky to have you around today, and my heart says only one word, don’t let her go, love her, lover her, my heart has already falling in love with you, please am going on a journey which is life (rhetorical) I would love to have you as a companion on this journey, as you and I know our paths have crossed lets make it last… she immediately looked me in the eye, she had no words to say, but my searching eye could read the very deepness of her soul,… that wasn’t a sham, for that was the only time I saw the glow in Isiomas eyes, .. but you know you can. She immediately put her hands on my mouth to shut me up…. Shhhhhhhh, “ has anybody told you that you talk too much? I smiled I was about to reply when she said “ may i? I was confused and couldn’t tell what she demanded, I was still struggling with words when she kissed me………….
My world exploded, it was like a million nuclear weapons detonated, she kissed me with such passion, her wet sweet lips gave itself to me willingly like a virgin gives herself up to her lover, she welcomed me as my lips parted to deepen the exchange… she was soft and sweet, honey would be a mismatch to compare the taste she gave,….. as our kiss broke, my eyes was shut, she placed her head on my shoulders her hands still on my chest,… I opened my eyes and I was in a new world…. I was in Isioma world and I was heading deep, deep into the entanglement, I heeded no sign I was hurrying like a departed soul looking and being sucked by the bright light of death….
I wish it had ended in just a kiss,… her head was on my shoulder as she dozed of,
I looked at my watch it was 1:30am that Saturday morning, “ Isioma babes lets go into the room please so u can sleep okies,:” she nodded her head in acceptance like a child who was awaken from sleep to eat dinner, we headed straight into my apartment… my friends where already sleeping except for Damian and Violet, Isioma girlfriend and my best friend who were making out on the couch of the living room, there were bottles of wine all over the tables and the dining hall, they didn’t even notice us walk by in the dimness of the blue light in the living room,,, the apartment reeked of wine, alcohol and sex… there was the steady moan as we passed the first room, It was my Home boy Shags, we called him Shags as an alias because he loved sex, his flavor was fat women…. Isioma chutteled as we passed the door, we got to mine, the room was cold the AC was left on… as she entered there was a quick onset of goose pimples all over her, she was cold, as she walked in I came from behind and took her fullness in my hands…….
… she snuggled her hips closer, she would have made a perfect lap dancer, she greeted my hardness with a little twist like she was dancing…. I kissed the behind of her neck, she smelled like a baby, and towards her ears, …. Her hands found it way to my back, she held me tight… I held her Cherry like wonders, and squeezed a little hard on it,…. She turned, quickly pushed me towards the closed door and kissed me….. we were into each other like starved lion who had just been given a gift of a goat…. Her tongue found mine….. Isioma was a great kisser, her tongue found the top of my tongue like she searching for something…….
Pushing her gently my hands found her breast again,… gently it moved from the front to the back as my right hand struggled with the hook of her bra, with my well-practiced one hand movement I set the beautiful cherry like wonders free,…. My left hand dug deep, her nipples were hard as brick, she shuddered by the arousal… her soft hands found my already swollen manhood… she squeezed the banana shaped manhood and caressed the cap….. her hands found its way through my fly and through my shorts, with both hands she held my manhood and his accomplice my testacles……….. she squeezed gently, such pleasurable squeeze…. I shifted from her lips to her cleavage, and then to her already hard nipples,… that gave way for the moans as it escaped her lips like a leaking valve…. She moaned and squeezed my manhood futher,,,, there was a rain of clothes and both shirts and pants found their way to the floor… turning her towards the bed, my manliness found her soft wet womanhood, it penetrated it with such ease, she moaned….. there was the steady movement of my waist as the first break of climax greeted her brains….. she moaned with pure pleasure now she whined her waist like a belly dancer welcoming each thrust, deeper and sweeter it was… then the rain of cum splattering inside her vulva as I climaxed fainting on her…… I could feel the sweaty mass of our body as we struggled to catch our breath… I had tasted Isioma, and I would live to always want her… I was trapped and there was no turning back………
…… It continues in chapters… each name holds the breakaway



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