Stressed out and feeling lonely, I decided to go to Ringroad which is over 7miles from my apartment. I got to my destination that evening and decided to buy 2 cans of smirnoff ice and a small bottle of Night train. The smirnoff to cool off while I was admiring the different statues around the museum, and NO, I wasn’t going to drink the Night Train! I just bought it to…you know…take home to my teddy bear after all, biochemistry has taught me about the effect of alcohol on the liver. All this while, music from ABBA was playing in my head and the beauty of Ring road at night soothed my troubled mind. You see, I had a hard day at work, and needed some ‘ME time’.
That said, I sat on one of the rocks in the museum while I took pictures of the fountain. A can of smirnoff became two, then three. I called my cab man, Olu to come get me because it was getting late. He asked if I could wait 30minutes. Of course I could! I kept strolling, down Sapele road, the Night Train drink was tempting. A sip wouldn’t hurt, I loved that I hated the taste. It made me want to take more. ABBA’s money, money, money was all I could sing and I just wanted to scream…I did scream…I could feel people staring at me, but I needed to be free.

Olu called to ask where I was. “State library”, I replied, laughing at myself for sounding like a drunkard. He must have sensed what was going on because he told me to stay there. He came to get me, took me home and was left to clean my own vomit, the one I did in his car! I then discovered my wallet missing. I was going to pay him later,I just wanted to sleep.
I’m still hung over from yesterday, but I’m glad it happened. Well, here it is. No more alcohol for me again…I know.


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