virginnAre you sexually active? Even I find it offensive at times when a doctor or any other medical personnel asks me this question. The other day, at the hospital when I had to do a full body check-up with some of my course mates, there was supposed to be a pap smear test. However, as we know, this test is not done on ladies who are not sexually active. I had gone through all the other specimen collection procedures when the attendant asked me, on my way out if I was sexually active. The rest is history. Not all of my course mates did the pap smear. In fact, I can clearly remember only one lady among us had hers done. She was truthful about being sexually active. “I mean, what is there to hide?”, she was telling one of her friends later after the sample had been collected.  “The test is to help you know whether you have cancer cells or not. I can’t deny the fact that i’m not a virgin simply because I want other girls to call me chaste, virtuous or because I  don’t want to be judged!” My reply to the question was…err…I really cant say that online now can I?

virginTruthfully though, it sickens me the way some doctors look when you answer the question. Say ‘NO’ and they look at you suspiciously. It’s always the “you gotta be kidding me” look”; say ‘YES’ and you have them stripping you naked with their eyes. “He told me that I was too young to be having sex! Can you imagine?” My 20 year old angry friend said this when she left the man’s office in anger. “This male doctors sef, they won’t mind their businesses, it’s like they want to hear that a young, unmarried lady is sexually active so that they will judge her”, my other friend replied. I just smiled because I knew they weren’t totally wrong. A doctor once asked me to do a pregnancy test and High vaginal swab when i went to complain about not having bowel movement for quite a while, I was constipated and needed him to give me drugs, injection to help but it was pregnancy test and HVS! I instantly left the clinic in anger. This one didn’t even bother to ask if I was sexually active.

But I personally feel there’s nothing there to hide. Dad and mum told you not to ‘do the nasty’ till you got married but Mr Charming came and swept you off your feet and you deemed it fit to give him your most priced gift, but must you be ashamed of it? What if you had the cancer cells ‘making a home’ inside you? The test is done simply to help you avoid further complications but because you are so self conscious and don’t want to be judged, you decide to deny the fact that you have sex more than three times in a week. That’s so lame and stupid!

Anyway, my short blog come-back message is this…ladies, please admit that you are sexually active when you are and don’t die in silence just because you don’t want to be judged.



  1. My question goes this way; Is it possible for a lab scientist to detect if someone is a virgin through Hvs microscopy?
    It happened that a girl of about age 15/16 came with her mother to the Lab where I work,to undergo Hvs/mcs test…My boss collected the sample herself for fear of someone else doing it wrong and disvirgining the young girl, but lo and behold she found out the place was already open and that the girl was not a virgin…She asked the girl about it but she insisted that she is still a virgin,s he preached to her hoping to get something out of her but the girl was insistent about it.
    So my boss said she will still find out through the test i.e through microscopy if the girl was lying or not.
    I asked her how that is possible but she refused to tell me saying; it’s only for the professionals to know😏


    1. If the girl has any sexually transmitted infection, it is proof that she is not a virgin because the HVS MCS will show it although that’s none of your boss’ business.
      It does not take a professional to know that, unless there’s something special about MCS that I don’t know.


  2. lool, “are you a virgin, no i’m aries” best answer.
    but idk if virginity is ‘your most prized gift’. Maybe your character, your values, your accomplishments, not something we’ll all lose eventually? Lol, if a 20 year old guy were having sex, nobody would call him too young.


    1. Well, you know how parents tell their girl children that their virginity is the best gift they can give to their future husbands because it is what determines how much respect they will get bla bla bla…I just do not understand why the boys are more favoured but why ask questions anyway? Life goes on. Thank you for reading jor.


    1. Well shes young I know but u cant stop whats already haPpened. Whether I did the test? Thats for me to know and for you to guess dear.


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