Only yesterday, 27th September 2013 I was involved in what would have been a fatal accident. While enjoying the trip from Benin city to Port Harcourt, both state capitals  being in Nigeria, our driver got a little distracted and what happened next was what I had only watched in movies. It occurred to me at that instant, that death was only just a click away. As the vehicle slid off the road and the driver struggled to control it swerving it left and right in order to avoid the mass of water on the other side, all I could hear were shouts of ‘JESUS’ from the other three ladies traveling with me. I was shocked at my calm all through. At the time, all I could think of was “if this has to be my end, then I need not scream it away’. Fortunately for me and indeed for those of us in the car, our driver regained control of the vehicle. The other two girls sitting at either side of me remained in shock for a while, I burst into songs of worship and then appreciated the life I so graciously have.

Well, the driver wouldn’t blame himself for the mistake. The blame would as usual go to the mechanics. I thank God still for saving my annoying self.


2 thoughts on “ANOTHER STORY

    1. You believe in miracle… Bit by bit I get to know the author.
      Thank God you are alive. I guess the next time someone says to you ‘have a safe trip’ You’ll know is not a compliment. Please be safe and keep faith.


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