Pronounce it any way you can, the country remains NIGERIA and one of her citizens remains ME. I join all Nigerians at home and in diaspora to celebrate another year of independence…NIGERIA at 53!!!

I am still in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital and what I observed on our very own day was that, despite the fact that the country is still in confusion with the politicians throwing fresh surprises at us everyday, the citizens still have fun when they should. The colour of the Nigerian Flag was the colour of the day…Green, white, green and of course where food was concerned, we had Green, Rice, Green. The happy faces proved that Nigerians are satisfied.

The crisis rocking the ruling party seems to be the ‘Gift of god’ to Newspapers as it seems only newspapers with major headline ‘PDP CRISIS LATEST’ actually sell more. Should this headline change to something even more appealing, yet peaceful, I’ll be overjoyed for answered prayers. Meanwhile I won’t fail to keep buying my favourite newspaper. Let’s not relent in praying for our own country. Long Live Nigeria.



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