Lucky Dube (RIP) remains one man whose songs I’ll never get tired of listening to. Do you understand what Lucky Dube meant when he sang for peace in South Africa and indeed the whole world? I’m sitting in the comfort of a hotel room, watching a video where a woman from the north, someone’s mother/mother-to-be gets beheaded by a man. I write this post in anger and disgust for the country I live in. With the recent barbaric and unwarranted killings that have been going on, I agree that the country needs God‘s intervention. I want to say this, the fact that your fellow human does something that, to you is not legal doesn’t mean you should take his  life. I wonder why a man would find it so easy to kill another person he also calls a man. Recently, I watched a video on Youtube where my favourite writer talked about feminism. Now more than ever, I’m convinced that women are treated badly all over. Even Jesus said, ‘let him who is without sin be the first to cast the stone’.

My question. Why, in the name of religion would you behead a woman? Did she commit adultery? If she did, why not kill the man too? Who are you to take a fellow human’s life unjustly? Who are you to judge another’s actions? Are you such a saint that you haven’t made mistakes yourself? Why would you take the lives of young men just because they were accused of stealing? Why terminate the lives of youths in the name of jungle justice? Have they committed more crimes than most politicians have? Would you willingly let your life be taken this way for a mistake you made? There is only one who gives life and who takes life and that one is God Almighty!

I weep for my country, I weep because I am a full-blooded Nigerian. I weep for those who cant help themselves, I weep for my generation and I pray that God interferes as soon as possible. I join in the cry for peace in Nigeria.

On a final note, this is the link to the video I was watching, the one that made me wonder. It contains some really scary scenes….




What do you think?

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