His inhumanity to her

Had you known, you would hold her so dear. You would never let her go.

Your ego took over your reasoning when you pushed her out of your mansion which you built with your ‘hard earned money‘. Hard earned money you said, forgetting she was the brain behind it. Had she not pushed you to get educated, you would slowly but surely have become a fairly educated agbero. One who spoke ambiguous grammar that even you might not have understood just because you wanted your fellow colleagues to feel intimidated. Funny how you would have been the one-eyed ruler in the city of the blind. You would have fought with broken bottles and even had a few marks on your body as trophy to show how serious a tout you were. You would have, like some others wooed the paraga seller and boasted to colleagues about how sour her orange tasted and how you had, like them, disposed of the peels. You would pick pockets and tell bus drivers to pay their dues. You would, as a result of your little education, contest the park chairmanship, which you would have won if you did not have a fairly educated opponent. Of course, the ‘garage’ would be your other home except the paraga seller was wise enough to convince you to rent an apartment, which would have been a passage house with one bathroom and restroom for ten tenants to share, each tenant with kids who would mess the place up and a rooster showing which tenant cleans and when. You would have a caretaker who would remind you that it was your turn to clean the bathroom. You would have a live-in lover who would complain of the snake skin she always saw in the backyard and the troublesome neighbour who just loved to fight with your live-in lover who, by the way would also be known as your wife.

You would be content with that lifestyle had ‘she’ not spurred you to go further, yet you had the effrontery to throw her out of your house! Your “mansion which you built with your hard earned money”, and for what reason? You found a more beautiful lady who can spend the money you have earned. Was the sage wrong who said “never bite the hands that feed you”? The world laughs at your stupidity because you now sit and bite your fingers, the beautiful lady has spent your money. Isn’t that what you wanted? What then are you left with? Regret. Had you known…..




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