Wondering? Wonder no more…these are the names given to papers (large or tiny) that contain information that are meant to serve as reminders during examinations or tests. All through my university days, I was never opportuned to use this form of reminder. I always wondered how people managed to use it. It did not take time before I knew the trick. Look left, look right, look at the back…make sure no invigilator is watching…and bring out your bullet. Some ladies hide it between their thighs while some make it easy by writing it in their laps and wearing gowns or skirts to the examination hall for easy access to the cheat. Another way to use it is to put it in your shoes or beneath your foot, you could also write it on your desk or write it in your calculator since the calculator is not a contraband…even the invigilator would not detect while standing beside you would not detect, you could put it in between your answer sheet even though that is very risky as your sheet could be checked at anytime or worse still you could forget the bullet there and submit your answer booklet. However way you choose to use it, the most important rule to follow is that you should NEVER get caught.

In my final exam, I decided to try out this technique…not because I did not read but because it would be a shame…you know…if I could not tell people that I also used it while in the university. So I prepared this small paper with ‘points’ (picture below) and was ready for exam. Of course, I had a backup which is my brain. I also wrote a little something between my thighs and wore a short gown. Unfortunately, the little something had cleared away before I even gt into the hall. As is expected, I ended up not using my little bullet because, apart from the fact that what I had written in it was not even in the question, I did not have the courage to bring it out. I kept thinking what would happen if I got caught and had to go to the front of the whole class, worse still I might have to fill the dreaded malpractice form and ruin my family name….no! I could not take the risk so I opted for the other option and that was to use my head, after all I read for the exam.


So if you are wondering how to use this instrument of success or failure (depending on what information you put in it), you have the techniques…Remember, Cheating is punishable in the constitution of all countries in the world but it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught.


research done by aidee.



  1. Actually its present in every institution, not only here in Africa, I can say for a fact that there are different ways to use and hide this “Master Key”, depending on the individual.


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