You know, whenever I’m alone in my room and its dark and cool like it is just now, I find my way, despite the fog, against all obstacles, through the thick forest and over the fence that shields Rapunzel’s prison castle…the one that exists in my head…and like a skilled cowboy (girl), I throw my very long skipping rope (or whip, depending on what I want it to be) to the tiny castle window where Rapunzel is waiting to tie the rope to her hair (which is now short because I can’t let her hair be longer than mine)…then I climb the tall castle wall, slow and steady, fighting every evil cockroach that tries to stop me. I finally make it to the window, jump into the castle and sit with Pocahontas who by the way,  just broke up with her charming fiancee… she says love is wicked. My reply is “Don’t we all know that”?
See, In order to protect oneself from falling into wrong hands all in the name of love, one has to build a wall. Now before building this wall, one has to know what materials are needed; bricks, blocks, stones or maybe even a simple wallpaper. I will go straight to the point because I think I am beginning to sound like a love doctor… I don’t  hate men. Those who think I do have to understand that there are different species of ladies…the men chasers, money chasers etc. I am the seemingly cool headed, very stubborn, lazy and egoistic money chaser who loves investing in businesses and being called the boss. My specie? We love the ‘madam’ life and we play the role well. We are never sure what we want because we want everything good…good wine, good life, good house and of course a good man who does not necessarily have to be committed to marriage as long as he is good in all ramification…(that isn’t always the case though because, like I stated earlier, we aren’t always sure what we want).
I tell Poca to be calm, a better one will come but she doesn’t listen to me which is understandable because the tears are flowing from her ears. I feel bad for her because I know that loving a man is only natural for a woman. Moving on is hard but neccessary. Its his loss if he exchanges his jewel for sand, its his loss if he fails to cherish his love.
Anyway I am going to see the hunchback of notre dame, I hear he’s getting married… will keep you updated…
Random thoughts.



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