I love you, trust me I do and I know you feel same way. As a matter of fact, I know you probably love me more. You are not wealthy but I assume you are like the prince in ‘Coming to America’ who, in search of a suitable wife lived a poor life but of course, that’s just me dreaming. I also think that the only reason we copulate everyday is because you love me…so much that you make me jump in pain after every act of ‘doing the nasty’ because you unintentionally brutalise my below out of love.
You have a chain of female friends but that’s what they are right? Female friends…when you dissuade me from coming to see you because one of your ‘female friends’ is around, I always understand…and oh..how can I possibly be angry with you when we have only dated for nine years and eleven months? I mean, its not even ten complete years yet. At 35, I still look 25, or so you tell me. My friends thought I was wasting my time with you…enemies of progress…you helped push them away, aren’t you such a darling?
We do not have any kids together because I got rid of all pregnancies.. I was too stupid to see that we weren’t ready to start a family…you made me understand that..and you wonder why I love you?
We have been planning to see your family for so long…only that you are very busy looking for the right amount of cash so you don’t look like a beggar when we finally go and when I say to you “honey, he who finds a wife finds a good thing”, you reply “baby I love you but I need to show them something tangible”..that’s good enough excuse because you definitely need a car and a house and its all for my good.
No…you don’t manhandle me! A few slaps on my cheeks now and then can’t be called manhandle…it’s just your own way of correcting me and I understand it’s done out of love. Your hot temper is natural, I can bear it because I know you cannot help it.
I have no male friends because I would hate to disobey your orders to stay away from them. You are uncontrolably jealous, how else would you prove your love. I cannot live without you my love. I love you my darling.


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