I am single, this means I am unmarried. This also means I may or may not be in any serious relationship that would hopefully lead to marriage. This means I still have my own fair share of male friends, some who want to try out a relationship and others who just want my company in bed. I cannot change the fact that I am unmarried.

These days, the single status of females seems to be a thing of shame. Mothers say to their daughters “Your mates are married and you are still here”. Honestly, someone once told me that any unmarried woman I see has destroyed her body in her youthful days and that’s why men avoid her, and woe betides that woman if she works in a bank.
They say matured, single women spent all their youthful days ‘writing men off’ and are now settling for even beggars. I know some women take it to the extreme by pushing men away but I believe its okay for a woman to have a choice when it comes to marriage and spending the rest of her life with a man.
I once wrote a post on the craze that comes with being single and having weddings (read here and here). I was scolded by some well meaning ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ who taught it was wrong for an unmarried girl to write such ‘implicating’ things.
My grudge is this…why make ladies feel bad just because they refuse to settle with people I like to call proud and lousy morons? Men who think every woman is a ‘bitch’. They have no respect and all they do all day is stay idle and abuse women. They think a woman should have no say (yes, such men still exist).



But what’s the point in spending so much money on weddings and ‘aso-ebi’ only to have a divorce later? If you ask me, I would rather you use the cash for a business and adopt kids later.
This isn’t saying I don’t want to be married. I actually want it but I also want it to be a happy one and I certainly don’t want it to be one that I’ll regret later. Loneliness is bad, oh its bad but would you rather settle for a man who just puts you at home for sexual pleasure and not because you have something to say? Wouldn’t you just wait for the one you can cope with?
When a woman gets married, she devotes her entire life to the man. She has to respect him, he becomes her big brother and dad…a man who can’t respect a woman doesn’t deserve her. That’s the simple truth.
Any woman who decides to settle for an abusive man just because of societal pressure does so at her own risk.
I think parents should teach their daughters to be less dependent on men and teach their sons to respect women. That’s my opinion…
Dear Readers, what do you think.

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