Rouge Army

Welcome to Nigeria! We hope for the best though…

Juju Films

Nigerian soldiers went on a rampage today on Ikorodu Road Lagos, burning BRT buses and beating up innocent citizens just because a BRT bus hit one of theirs. This is typical of an army that sees the country as their battlefield. They never fail to take out their frustrations on the citizens they are sworn to protect.

These pussy soldiers would not enter Sambisa Forest to rescue the abducted girls but shoot at their commanding officer for commanding them to enter the forest and rescue the girls.

You see Nigeria is one country where soldiers parade the country in uniform, when soldiers are supposed to remain on bases and barracks unseen by the general public except in time of war.

Nigeria runs on a federal system, meaning we have a federal police and states that depend on operating Naira from the federal government, this plus a corrupt political system scared…

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