Hi guys, you remember my old pal, Impulse? ‘He’ made me exhume this from archive. Enjoy…

Would it surprise you to know that I fainted in the market?

There in the market square with women selling and men pushing

With my bags heavy and head swirling,

I thought I saw the ground open, and take me in it.

But I did not die! Oh, I thought I did.

I stumbled, stumbled and fell,

But I did not die! How did I hear the mutters otherwise?

“Child, don’t touch her!” I heard;

“Maybe she has the deadly virus!” I heard,

The ground seemed to have swallowed me, because I heard no more,

I saw two men – no, they were angels,

They lifted me off the ground and took me to heaven,

Was it heaven or hell? I think hell, because it was hot.

I could not breathe, my head hurt,

“Where am I?” I think I said.

“Get her water! She’s awake”.

Then I knew it – I didn’t die.

I only collapsed…in the market!

My goods, they were safe,

My money was gone,

My friend arrived and I was homebound.

With hurting head, I staggered into the vehicle,

The one that would take me home,

If it did not surprise you that It happened,

Then it should not surprise you if I said,

It was an unpleasant, yet pleasant experience,

To have fainted in the market.



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