Oh no! Don’t go yet!! This isn’t a love story. Please, do relax and read.
I don’t know about men but I’m quite sure ladies do a lot to get attention and for a man I like, I sometimes go another mile.

Many years back, I saw a young man on Television. I was very young and daddy didn’t think it was time to introduce us to the technology called GSM. I remember telling my younger sister that I would stalk the ‘TV guy’ till he was all mine. My sister wanted the same guy so it was a competition between us…who would get the guy first? As a result of this challenge, I joined Facebook. I constantly used a nearby internet café and I typed his name in all search engines until I hit jackpot! I could not contain my joy when ‘TV guy’ accepted my Facebook request. The look on my sister’s face was one of determination rather than envy. In any case, the guy remained my Facebook friend. I never met him one on one but my sister met him and the rest of his family!

Some years ago, I could not sleep. It was dark in the room I shared with siblings and I needed something to calm my disturbed mind so I turned on my ‘Palito’ (a small radio that served as my treasure in those days). The radio presenter had such lovely voice and was reading a text message from someone who needed a friend. It was almost time for free midnight calls from MTN so I started taking down phone numbers. Only one of the phone numbers went through and when the owner answered his phone, I pretended to have called the wrong number so I would not strike him as cheap. He asked whether I got his number from the radio and to that question, I replied, “Hell No!” We got talking and I met him that week. Dude’s house was just a stone throw from mine. I wonder why we never went further! He’s still a friend and if he remembers anything about how we met, he will know himself.

There was this good looking guy in class I liked. After about 6 months of watching him snub the ladies who tried to impress him with their loud voices and tempting fashion, I decided to use another approach. Once I knew where he would be seated, I started a conversation with him and let my intelligence do the talking.

And when I represented my secondary school in a national debate, my shy self was determined to talk to one of my opponents who my co-debater had said would win me. That was the first day I met one crazy and annoying friend of mine.

The list is endless. My memory amazes me when it comes to the first time I met most people. I’m surprised at how my determination to meet and speak with someone actually drives me to go an extra mile. It applies to life and when I think about it, that drive has made me do things that I never thought I could do. You know, it doesn’t always hurt to leave comfort zone.
How many of you remember the first day he/she met/spoke with me? Do you have a funny story about how you went an extra mile to do something? Do you want me to tell you the story of how I found you? Drop comments below… I would love to read from you.




  1. Well i can remember i met a very small girl on GLO AFRICHAT some years back and how she told me things about her BF and how they met , but then to me she was just too young for me to ask her out , so i tool her like a sister not knowing she will end be my own GF , she went extra mile in coming to see me back then in school. She was such a good girl and very small too……………. I hope when next she is talking about her first meeting with people she will always remember me cos i cant forget about her .


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