A while ago, I saw a post on the internet. Someone asked to be told the various lies women tell and he did get many hilarious answers. While most believe men lie a lot, I have to agree that women tell ‘big’ lies and their reasons are justified too…they are emotional beings.

Sometimes, the lies ladies tell could just be their own way of ending a controversial conversation and other times, it could be to not feel vulnerable. Now I wonder whether men can defend their lies.
I’ll give examples of some of the lies but I’ll have to state here that these examples were gotten from views stated by different people. That is, not all are from my personal experience.

I’m a virgin—‘Research’ has shown that many ladies lie about their virginity. I still don’t know why a lady would say she’s a virgin when she’s not. That’s one lie I can’t defend. However, we know that the majority of men in their late 20s are not virgins. When an unmarried man who isn’t an extreme introvert says to you that he’s a virgin, the only advice I have to give is “follow your lady intuition”. He probably has said it to countless number of ladies so they have sympathy on him and help him get rid of the “societal stigma” called male virginity. Trust me, this one is real! If you, out of pity, decide to ‘introduce’ him to the world of sex, that’s your choice. I have spoken!

I’m fine!— I have to agree that this is one very common lie we tell. The reason, from my perspective is that we sometimes don’t want to be seen as attention-seekers or as complainers, so we hide under this very common lie. Males and females tell this lie but ladies tell it more. You say you are fine when you are burning with sadness. Hmm…human nature.

Tell me, I won’t get mad— Its a lie o! If you like, go and tell her that you mistakenly had sex with someone last week just because she said you should confess as she wouldn’t get mad. Some, maybe most ladies are actually tolerant. Because the man is seen by us as a baby, we tend to tolerate a lot as we would a baby but there are limits. I like to say men are big babies. Even if she doesn’t flare up at that instant, be rest assured that a part of her is really mad at you. My advice is that you confess in the most subtle way.

You are different— Some people voted this as a regular lie but I have to say that it isn’t always a lie. We can view it from many angles. Angle 60 says you are different sexually. This means you are probably the only person I’m enjoying sex with. This could be a lie to raise your ego. Angle 90 could be that you are uglier than the ex. Different is a better way of putting it. However, some men insist that you, as a man should be careful with her if she says she usually doesn’t have sex on the first day but is doing it with you because you are different, then she backs the claim up with a confused look. I have no say on this one.

I’m menstruating— This is also a popular lie to avoid sex. Hey! The girl is justified here. So I’m not even saying anything more.

Baby, its only the tip then I’m out— From tip to whole. Like I said, people said this…I didn’t.

It was the best sex— Sometimes true, sometimes false. Its like faking orgasm. I am too young and innocent a girl to talk about this? *holds laugh*

There’s more, but this is getting too sexual. I better leave you readers to say the others. I rest my case. Please enter comments below.
I love you all.




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