Hi blogworld, I honestly appreciate all my readers and followers as well as those who take time to make comments and send me emails. Oh, there are so many pending posts that I believe you all will enjoy plus I know I have to complete the “Seeking Closure” series. You see, even though I long to publish a post every day (which is very possible), I also want to make sure that I write sensibly and this, as we know, would require some time. Time is not what I have just now as there are so many exams to write and many boys to meet!

The essence of this very short introduction is to let you know that I will be away for a while and sincerely don’t want to be seen as ‘unserious’. I will make it up to you when I’m back. Meanwhile, I wont stop reading the emails so please keep sending them and for those who made suggestions on what they want me to write on, I assure you I am working on all suggestions. Thank you for your love.





One thought on “AWAY FOR A WHILE

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