Overtime, I have avoided this topic for one reason: the fear of being misunderstood and criticized by church people. However, the human mind has the exclusive right to ask questions no matter how incomprehensible. Besides, I started this blog because I needed a means to say what was on my mind. Therefore, I shall beforehand appeal to the ‘judges’ to bypass this post, pretend like you never read it, and not stone me for bringing up this topic and for the benefit of those who hate to read because all they see is ‘big big grammar’, I shall as much as possible, avoid bogus words. Also, I would appreciate what opinions you readers have as I have to teach my future child(ren) about this topic and I need to know what exactly to say to them.


In church, the other day, the preacher said something about confessing sins. He stated that some leaders, during a sin confession session in the said church, actually admitted to masturbating. I went to the church with a friend and when the preacher made this statement, I turned to her (my friend) and asked, “When did masturbation become a sin?”. Her reply, “It is a sin to the body because the body is God’s temple”.


I remember some time ago, some men of God successfully split the country into two schools of thought when one of them was asked to give his own take on the topic of masturbation. This very popular man of God (Pastor C) stated that masturbation is not a sin but a habit. This ‘revelation’ shocked some other men of God who, out of fear of their sheep being misled, took to the media to categorically state that masturbation was a sin. But as it is with me and my like, I only chose to believe what I wanted to believe; what proved more logical and what seemed right. I chose to believe me.

My Questions…

Is masturbation the act of self-pleasuring oneself sexually, either to fantasies, imagination, pornography or any other source? Does masturbation lead to unwanted pregnancies? Does masturbation cause Sexually Transmitted Infections?Diseases? Does masturbation make a lady lose her virginity? Does masturbation help relieve stress? What means asides sexual intercourse, can a man be made to produce semen for laboratory diagnosis? Was masturbation your answer to the last question? Is it written in any religious book that masturbation is a sin? Do you watch pornography? Do you masturbate? Did you just deny masturbating? Do you hate me now?



One of the things we all were freely given was choice. You can choose to believe what you will. Whatever you believe determines what actions you follow. If it means anything to anyone, I want to categorically state, on this blog, that I do not see masturbation as a sin and as such I decided to join the committee of pastor C supporters. Let he who has never masturbated be the first to cast the first stone. But why do some females shy away from this reality? I mean they do it, yet they criticize. What is bad is not masturbating, what is bad is the addiction. If you feel you can control it, then please go ahead and do your thing. I hate that people are quick to judge others when they, in actual fact may even be doing the same thing in the confines of their bedroom. Am I starting to preach? I hope not.


All I am Saying…

Why in the name of religion will a preacher teach his people that this thing is a sin. Pardon my ‘ignorance’ but is it not supposed to, without control, become a habit and then a lifestyle. This is what I choose to believe. But because we believe what our preachers say to us and because they know that they cannot convince you to believe something if it was not related to the religious books, they have somehow come to the conclusion that masturbation is a sin against the body and if done, the masturbator sends away the good spirit of favour and whatever, so that, out of fear of being struck down by thunder, ‘we’ will stop masturbating…oh well…what can I say?

But wait, I did not just admit that I do it. I am just politely saying these preachers should stop scaring potential masturbators and just come plain with the truth. People hurry to church to confess to the sin of masturbation and they are prayed upon and subsequently ‘delivered’, possibly by masturbating preachers, then they come to give testimonies (if they are bold enough) as to how they were ‘delivered’ from the ‘spirit’ of masturbation!

If your ward asked you whether or not masturbation was a sin, what would your answer be?

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  1. It helps to talk these things. Nice talk and glad you are bold enough to share. We have different belief points and sometimes it helps to stand for what they believe in.
    In the end, our rightness or wrongness in certain issues like this can be personal. .. Every man – or, eh, woman – to her tent 🙂


  2. I think it is natural…and I would be very lost without it lol. I agree with most of your thoughts, and would go so far as to say perhaps if the preachers didn’t think as they do… it might keep them out of more trouble!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yippee…there’s one more person on my side. But the fact that you would be ‘lost without it’ made me chuckle. Thank you for sharing your opinion.


  3. should I say I luv u right now or I luv ur work…. I like ur transparency. kip it up though. I think u n I could really get along, friends, hang out, talk etc. I’m officially a fan!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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