…Something I was working on, ITS INCOMPLETE! I wanted to test my skills, I know I have not perfected it but oh well, it’s worth the try. DO NOT READ IF BELOW 18 YEARS OLD!!!

She sits and shuts her eyes. All things seem right. All things seem to fall in place, this worries her because, for once, she has no reason to worry. Music from her stereo has her dreaming of the day she would see him again.

She would run to hug him, maybe kiss him and tell him she missed him. She would lock her hands in his and grin from ear to ear, like a child who won a new toy.

She smiles in ecstasy as she feels herself, dripping wet because thoughts of him arouse her. She dreams again.

She knows he would kiss her. She imagines he would touch her, tilt her head back and whisper sweet words in her ears. He would gently caress her breasts, his manhood stiffening and with lustful panting, he would sweep her off her feet, into the comfort of a mattress, he would look lovingly in her eyes and say to her, “I missed you more”. He would stare at her and she would hold his gaze. “You are beautiful”, he would say. Then they would kiss, his fingers exploring her hair, he would then hold her right nipple between his thumb and index finger and tease her spot till she cried for more. he would feel for her crotch and find that she was dripping, then he would help reduce the pour with his soft tongue while she softly moaned in pleasure.

She would beg him to stop and he would listen. With his fully erect manhood, he would enter her- slowly, gently, filling her inners while she moaned again in ecstasy as he would thrust in and out. She would squeeze his backside, caress his buttocks, swirl her fingers round and round the dimples on his buttocks, she would beg for more…harder, faster…he would steadily increase the rhythm…faster, faster…and when he lets out a satisfied moan, she would find fulfilment in knowing he had spilled inside her.

Her love, her darling, her baby, her man, her prince, her knight…



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