Some words are difficult to say so while I consider myself a better prose writer, I still play around poetry once in a while and it usually is because I would rather not write details. My first attempt at poetry,  was published a long time ago. Please click here to read it. While going through one of my old diaries, I saw this one I wrote two boyfriends ago and I tweaked it a little and am releasing it from the stronghold of my diary. It is written in everyday language just like I would normally write, but it has verses and stanzas hence I call it my ‘Poese’ (POEtry and proSE). Enough said, here it is:


Not a few times I tried to call,

To tell you of my day so far,

To hear you say do this or that

To picture us all washed and warm


Not a few times, I shoved the urge,

To dial the numbers and hear the tone,

Hold your fort, for he will call,

Re-a-lity lost in a dream


Until now, it made no sense,

Why I felt such hate and shame,

Why I longed to be your best,

But never ever was impressed


If wishes indeed were horses,

For sure I’ll own a stable-full

One fine horse for your dream come true

Another for our dream come true


We’ll smile and hold hands as we start,

A future so near yet so far,

We’ll work as one and have children.

We’ll grow and age and die in bliss


If we could stay so long unheard,

And my eyes cried sore in regret,

Then just one thing I have to say,

I’ll miss you so much it will hurt.




  1. Inspiration flow from your emotions? Darn well, cos i pretty deeply feel your pain here that it hurts. Yeah.


  2. Where on earth does Aidee get these inspiration? How on earth does she handle the words placement and parlance. How the–

    You should dabble in poetry more, Aidee. You are darn good.

    And i mean it.


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