Photo Credit: Google images
Photo Credit: Google images

What do you do when your infant has blocked nostrils? Do you use the mucus extractor or do you just use the traditional mouth-to-nose method? Personally, while taking care of my last two siblings, I used the mouth-to-nose method. When the child has blocked nostrils, place your mouth on one and suck out the boogey, spit it out and do the same for the other nostril. Be careful to not ‘oversuck’ else you may suck out the child’s brain and turn it to an imbecile! What? That’s what my grandma told me. I was initially irritated when my mother did it the first time but when it was my turn to care for my brother, it was not hard for me as the affection I felt for him pushed me to do it. Till now, I cannot understand how to use the mucus extractor.

What inspired this post?

Today while rushing to work, I could not get past a group of four girls. I also could not  help but overhear their chat. One of these girls stood out; light skinned, she was wearing a white, detailed blouse over faded denim. Her wine coloured hair complemented her radiant fair skin and she carried two bags. I intentionally slowed down my pace when I heard her say these words: “Look, I sucked my younger ones, why would I not do same for my baby?” and when her other friends feigned irritation, she said to them, ” …they cannot do it themselves, so you have to suck the catarrh”. I actually misinterpreted the word ‘suck’ at the time but that does not matter now.

It’s really hard to find a pretty girl admit those words you know? Usually, they stick with latest trends, technology and doctors’ advice. I read somewhere that it is not healthy for the mother to use her mouth because she could stand the risk of getting an infection from her baby. I would like to agree with this report but honestly, it feels good sometimes, to hold on to some old-fashioned way of doing things.

It’s been about 8 years since I last sucked out salty, slimy catarrh from a child’s nose but I would not blink an eye if I have to do it again anytime soon. Call me old-fashioned…and if you ask again how it is done, I’ll leave you with the quote from the pretty girl from this morning…”Suck it like spaghetti”.




  1. You amazed me with these great writings.
    Honestly, I never a Biochemist could manifest such a great endowment. Just pray the Lord give you wisdom to transform this to actual wealth.
    You are blessed.


  2. I want to say Eeeww but I did it for all 3 siblings and I know I would sharply do it for my babies. So let me just say eee and leave out the www heheheh


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