“The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous man runs into it and is saved”.
When the well of tears in her eyes had dried up, Linda began to sob. She now heard clearly the sounds of all the insects in her room. The cricket chirped, the other funny insect was weakened by the insecticide she had used earlier in the week. She saw a tiny red scorpion by the wall but she didn’t jump in fear. This one would not be bold enough to climb on to her bed like its twin brother. She now had a greater fear.

Love makes one do impossible things. The people one falls in love with have to be carefully chosen. For when love goes sour, the heart suffers. They say most women love foolishly. Even the wisest of men can be blinded by love, which is good sometimes because knowing someone loves one just as much as the love is given, brings on some form of satisfaction. But people lie too. People tell lies for many reasons. Man is greedy, insatiable.
Linda thumbed through the pages of her new Bible. She had found a new joy, she had discovered a new part of herself. She had begun to understand the one person who never let her down, the one person she ever truly trusted – her God – so she read the Holy Book as she would a book she loved.
The crickets must have been making love when her head gradually stopped pounding. Her stomach rumbled but she still felt nauseous -the onset of her monthly flow perhaps. Her vision was blurred and she could now remember the last verse she read. She had looked away from her Bible and silently prayed for more understanding. She had remembered that the verse was one of the many  her mother had taught her as a child. She had remembered the dreams she had where she woke up with same verse on her lips. Now she understood it and had to share with someone. Someone she knew would understand it better, someone she loved. But did the person love her back? Why would she now only begin to think of a future with him? Did she not already decide not to put all her eggs in one basket? Why then would she think first of this person when she made a new discovery, bought a new shoe, gave away a new property? Why did she love Benedict so much?  She would ask him before telling him about the verse. She hadn’t even heard from him all day.

Love brings the best and the worst in everyone. You go the extra mile for someone you love wholeheartedly. People kill for love. They kill themselves. Loving someone is giving the one a tiny part of you, bit by bit, and trusting the one with the bits and when you love the wrong one, it kills. People kill. Some kill themselves. Love makes people do things.

Linda died the night she called Benedict. She died and never woke up. Not righteous, not finding the haven in the name of the Lord. She died loving.



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