As the year gradually draws to an end, there are questions we inevitably ask ourselves. A lot of us find time to think about our achievements for the year, mistakes made and the way forward. We made friends and turned our backs on other friends. Some friends became family and some fiends. We got promoted and the strong pushed boundaries. Some lost close friends and relatives to death. I lost Omorodion (Rody). One more year was added to our ages. We became older, some wiser, some more foolish but through all, we still smiled, danced, made merry. Because we realize that life brings hope and hope is reassuring.
It is the end of another year, and though not my best blogging year (because…time and youth service), I’m grateful to my readers and followers. You all are amazing. The year taught me a lot but I learnt to be happy. These are a few lessons I learnt:
1. Only you are responsible for your happiness
2. When friends you trust to run the race with you turn their backs and lose confidence in you, the confidence you have in yourself will pull you through.
3. NEVER beg to be loved or hold on to the past.
4. Cry, scream, dance whenever you want. Life is beautiful!
5. Don’t give up on love.
6. Give, give, give. And don’t give because you expect something in return. Give because it is a beautiful thing to do.

This year has taught me how to be more FOCUSED. But it’s not just about me, it’s also about you readers, some who have become good friends. Thank you so much, all of you. I love you, I love you. I really do love you. Special recognition to MrHakeem. You are amazing!



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