I woke up to a twitter trend this morning, #WasteHisTime2016 where ladies tweeted many ways to waste a man’s time this year. Some of the tweets were funny and the ripostes by the men (WasteHerTime2016) showed that most of the men felt hurt. Made me wonder what actually started the trend. Women are not smiling!

While some would say that the women who supported this trend are sadists and never-do-wells who only feel bad because they haven’t had a taste of the real male penis, I would beg to differ. You see, it is no news that men and women are not wired the same way emotionally. It doesn’t take much to deceive a woman into a relationship, into surrendering her body and into staying loyal. As a teenager, my dad used to repeat some advice so often that I had them memorised. Daddy used to say women are foolish and that the wisest of women surrenders her all at the mention of the words ‘I love you’. I don’t totally agree with him now but I do admit that those words have in a few cases, blinded me and made me foolish. It hurts to have one’s emotions tampered with. One’s feelings crushed intentionally so you can’t really blame the ladies ganging up to #WasteHisTime2016. Amen?
Only recently did I begin to understand that men have feelings too. It is true that some of them are out to simply play games but we have to understand that life really goes beyond things we see and it is important to focus more on making progress instead of thinking up ways to make revenge. Not all men are the same.
Some ladies have called on feminists to stop this trend though I really don’t know how this should concern feminists, while the men are threatening to boycott Lovers’ day next month.
The time as at now, is 17:00GMT and guess what? #WasteHisTime2016 is still trending on twitter!
Okay, so here’s my message to ladies in my very Nigerian tongue: I know, I know, we feel hurt. Love is wicked! These men are wicked! But chill first ehn. We aren’t usually like this. This protest is just…just…just…I can’t even find the words. Why? If you want to waste his time, there are coded ways to do it. This twitter rant is plenty fun but really over the edge. As much as it hurts, we have to understand that we have a lot of work to do on us. Society has taught most of us that we need men to survive. I agree that we all crave to be loved, genuinely but it starts by loving yourself. So plix ehn, biko, mbok, ejo forgive them for they shall soon repent!😂😂😂
End of sermon.
Some screenshots of the rebellion against men after the cut.


Mean mean girls!

And my opinions…


Someone’s opinion




  1. Very funny ish out here…
    Meanwhile I like your stand.
    Howdy…Happy New Year. Tried calling but yours was off methinks…


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