Given the options of wearing clothes and going naked, which would you choose? Did you grow up in a home where your folks especially dad rarely wore clothes? Do you even like doing laundry? Do you equate wearing clothes to being put in a straitjacket? If any of your answers show you prefer your birthsuit, then my ultimate question is this: do you live in Nigeria? Yes? Then how do you do it? Have you ever walked outside your house naked? Nude? Just for the fun of it? Yes? Did anyone see you or did you sneak like a rat? What’s the first thing you do when you return home from an outing? Drop your bag and walk to the fridge to get a snack? Hurriedly take off your clothes and smile triumphantly?

I did a research and found there were actually nudist churches where the members believe they worship “as they are” because that way, no one would feel slighted after seeing flashy dresses worn by people who love to flaunt their wealth. I wondered though, wouldn’t the sight of big breasts and big phalluses tempt other members of the church who aren’t as endowed to feel slighted?

Forgive my questions please but I need to be sure I’m not crazy. So do you know that I believe not wearing clothes is actually a cool thing? It’s as cool as just sitting in my room for days, with my computer and a working internet and just typing away and researching or learning new code cheats. It feels like freedom from a dark prison cell, when I come home from an outing and just take off my clothes. I think I know why nudism is unacceptable in some countries, specifically Nigeria. Asides the obvious fact that the country is one that loves religion, one would have to consider a few other factors. I’ll present one factor.

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Imagine sleeping naked and enjoying the blissful feel of cool breeze on your bare skin, you’re having a peaceful dream, probably even letting your hands stray to some parts of your body when you hear a barrage of dangerous voices and loud knocks on your door.
“Open this door, who dey inside? I say open am or I go shoot”.
Before you can reach for something to wear,the door is forced open and you’re just there staring like wha da heck? Or, say there was actually a chance to run because, well, the building architect anticipated an attack and thankfully designed secret passageways that would lead to the bush nearby. Would you run out naked?
Okay let’s assume these attackers are actually terrorists and you have to flee because there’s an ongoing massacre in the village but there’s no time to get clothes because they are already at your door and so you have to run out in panic through the secret passageway wearing NOTHING! And then when you have run a safe distance, you realize your house has been torched! No hope for clothes so you have to walk to the next village. NAKED! Haaa, we can’t be nudists in this country no matter how tempting it feels like.

Earlier today, I had to go outside my room to do something very brief but I was so reluctant to go because it would mean I had to wear something. It took a long while to fight the temptation to just go outside, naked! My bad mind was like: neighbours aren’t home, the street is very calm, everyone is at work, I could just sneak out. I mean, it wouldn’t take up to 20seconds. Besides, it is almost dark. But my good mind was like…


So I fought the temptation and lazily wore something presentable. Soon as I got into my room, clothes were off.
Now I wonder, “is this a mild form of nudism?’, ” Am I a subtle nudist?”, “Can I call my form of nudism ‘indoor nudism’?” “Are you a nudist?”




  1. I am a home nudist and love it. No clothes has become my way of life around the house. It started simply from sleeping clothes free and progressed from there. My wife isn’t really into it but is considering Haulover Beach for a weekend getaway this summer.
    Maybe she will change too.

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  2. Ever since I can remember, I’ve preferred skin over fabric. The benefits of living naked are many, and I find it a healthier way of life, not to mention more convenient. Living naked makes the largest organ in or on our bodies (our skin) to “breathe,” and it becomes sensitive to the slightest changes in temperature, air movement, and barometric pressure. Nudity is natural; fabric is not. I don’t hesitate to walk outside to get something from the car or whatever, although I do take steps to avoid exposing myself. I would love to be able to mowe the grass, do outdoor chores, take the garbage to the curb, or simply sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in my front yard, without the burden of clothing (weather permitting). In my fantasy, American society accepts nudity as normal and natural, not automatically associated with sexuality. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening any time soon, if ever.


  3. It’s fine to just hang out clothes free as much as you can at home. Being a nudist doesn’t mean you have to go outside if you are risking getting arrested. Living clothes free means living life and doing as much of ordinary life as possible without clothes and when the situation is right you can go outdoors or meet up with others. It might be hard where you are to be outdoors or social but you can still clothes free at home until you find safe options

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