Hello fam,
I had a talk with a friend yesterday who thought people who claim to be Christians or Muslims are simply foolish because *insert unanswerable questions about the creation story*. He thought it a waste of time to pray. He told me that the mere fact that I wasn’t a regular church goer goes to show that I don’t believe in God, more so as I haven’t ever preached to him and I write about breasts and penis (sighs). I don’t think he’s ignorant. He did present thoughtful points. But…

…Aidee is a Christian. She believes the creation story and loves her creator with all her heart. She doesn’t ask questions, She just believes and she doesn’t care about being called a fool because she chose to trust in a God she cannot physically see. She was brought up in a Christian home and taught the value of morals but after she turned away from the teachings for a while and found her way back, she now believes she wouldn’t be where she is if she didn’t put all her trust in God, who she cannot physically see. She lets herself into a different realm when she worships her God, a realm like that she goes into when she decides to shut her eyes and dream.

Aidee is a Christian who goes on her knees to pray and attends worship conventions because she just loves to worship. Not an atheist, not a pagan but a Christian. And yes, I read this part of Proverbs today, yesterday and the day my dear Vee quoted the twelfth verse. Read and think. Have fun today fam. Don’t forget to cook rice. I love you.






  1. Hmmm.
    You get head. In the end, it isn’t always about total logic for even logic can fail in its time.
    I like Godless Cranium’s comments… I will wait to be No 700 on his blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well done!


    1. Dear Godless Cranium,
      Questioning everything seems to be something I was born with. Truthfully,there are questions to ask but even the human brain can’t answer everything. No one human is all-knowing (I stand to be corrected).
      It really isn’t because I was raised to believe. Dad gave me the chance to choose. Who one serves, what one believes, where one stands is all a matter of choice and strong conviction. There are questions, I’ll admit again, but sometimes deep down, I don’t care about the answers. It helps to know that, as a human (an intelligent one), there are questions I cannot answer and there is a being (perhaps a figment of my imagination) that I can always look up to.
      Whether true or not,I was given choices and I chose this one God instead of the thousands of others.

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    2. If you were born in Saudi Arabia, you’d likely believe in Allah. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Sure you have choice, but you greatly boost your chances of choosing a specific god based on the culture you’re surrounded in.

      Look at a map of the world, and you will quickly see that religion is geographical in nature.


    3. True. This is why it isn’t about the religion. If I was born in such a Muslim-dominated place, I would call myself a Muslim more likely because I wouldn’t have any other choice.
      But I wasn’t brought up there, I was brought up in an environment where all religions abound, where there are Muslims, Christians, Atheists and every other religion present. I chose to be a Christian and to learn as much as I can about non-Christians. I chose to be very reasonable in my choosing and not let myself be brainwashed by people who claim to be more holy. It’s all about what one strongly believes in.
      I believe it’s about living a way of life,an exemplary life without hatred or judgment for people who choose a different path.

      I understand when you say religion is geographical in nature. I hope you also understand when I say it goes beyond religion.

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    4. 600! That has to stand for something! A gift for me from you is expected ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. I look forward to reading future contents.

      Thank you for reading. Subscribing too.

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