I wrote this back in NYSC orientation camp. I was on kitchen duty and watched silently as some young corps members grumbled about being bullied by some old ladies. Then I wrote. It’s incomplete, I couldn’t finish it because…I don’t know why. Perhaps because it was now time to eat. I just found it in my draft and am publishing it unfinished because life’s too short to wait till I get the time to finish it. It’s a few weeks to the end of youth service. Why not release the post?:? Oya read and be blessed. 😁

Old people shouldn’t even be allowed into the orientation camp. What rubbish! How dare they? Their wrinkled faces and feeble bones cant possible bear the wahala that comes with early morning drills, routine parades, prey shuns and the kitchen. Yes, kitchen. The yeye people will go to kitchens and take upon themselves the position of mamas and papas, cheating us young ones in the name of ‘I senior you’.
They’ll fart without shame and make crazy noise about how they left secondary school before we were born. They shouldn’t be let into the orientation ground. There has to be a way to check their ages. You know how those geologists check out ages of dead bones? We should sieve these people out of the scheme. They aren’t needed here. No.




  1. You know how the saying goes… ‘YOU ONLY SERVE ONCE’.

    You see some corp members with patches of grey hair on their head and you wonder if the maximum age for NYSC has been extended.


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