Aloha people!
How’s y’all doing today? It’s Lovers’ day on Sunday yo and I’m guessing ’em ladies have caught the boo. Yeah, so while lovers are busy doing their lovey-dovey thang, you may want to know what Aidee would be doing on that day.

Well, Aidee may be listening and contributing to talks on politics and business with the Association of Loverless Lovers. Yass!

So this year, I’ll be celebrating lovers’ days with my friend who isn’t with me and who may not even be aware of the existence of this blog.

But for those men who really want to, but have no idea what to do to celebrate the day with their female lovers, I might have a tip or two for you.

It is no news that ladies love to be pampered with gifts and gifts but then, as we (ladies) grow and get more mature, gifts go below the list and what we need most is our man. Yeah, the man (the gifts still count 😁😁). You should download a song by someone whose name I can’t remember titled ‘Give me you’.

I recall Lovers’ days from some years ago when my man travelled miles to bring me two lovely presents. The sight of him was enough for me and the presents were just bonuses. All I wanted was to walk with him. Years later, I still feel that was my best Lovers’ day yet. We walked for an hour, we talked, we laughed, then we parted ways the following year and there was no other Lovers’ day celebration with a man for me :(.

Now, for my Yoruba brethren or non-Yoruba brethren with Yoruba partners who were born before or in the early 90s in Yorubaland , you may want to dust those Ebenezer Obey’s CDs and relearn the lyrics and sing her a song.

Personally, I’ll be singing my girl a song on that day because, any other day would have her raising an eye in suspicion. Aidee is straight!
Sing modern day songs like Tosin Martin’s ‘Olo mi’ or just go old school and tap from the lyrics below. Then thank me later.

This one is by Ebenezer Obey. I loved it so so much in the 90s. Find it and download it.

Call: Aya mi ololufe mi iwo da
Response: Baale mi olowo ori mi emi niyii (parararanraranparararararararan…)

Aya mi ye o aya mi
Je ka jo roro
baye wa ko le da.
Ose o oko mi
iwo lo lowori mi
ona kan ona ti a ba ro
mo ti fara mo,
K’Oluwa ran wa lowo bale mi…

Another Ebenezer Obey song, I loved this when I was quite young. Title is GBOTEMI

Baby mi jowo oje ka jo maa gbadun
Aya to mo yayilo n sheke oko
Rete legan ba n tan eko mama she gba.
Ilosiwaju oko o n be lowo aya o,
Ilosiwaju aya o , o nbe lowo oko re
gbo temi gbo temi
oololufe mi jowogbo temi o.

And on a very playful evening, sing this by a musician whose name I can’t recall but I sing the song every time!

Ruthie baby (Yea yea)
Eleyinju eje!
To ba di ferefe
To ba dojo ale
Pe mi loruko, ko fami nirunmu…
Pe mi l’oruko, ko fami n’irugbon (parararan)…

Dedicated to Ruth. I’m not a man so I don’t have irugbon aka bear bear aka beards but she has been an encouragement to me. A friend who gives me unsolicited good advice because she strongly believes in me. A friend who I don’t appreciate much but who goes ahead to check on me nonetheless. The friend who forced me to not give up on school after my initial failure and the same friend who cheered me and said ‘I told you you could do it’, when i eventually scaled through school. A friend who applauds my bravery and is never shamed to ask for my advice despite that she’s older.

In case she sees this, I’m going to attach some screenshots of some chats I keep going back to between us which always makes me smile. Sometimes, friends are  far worth more than lovers.

One would think the Yoruba people were only good with praise songs, but here we have it, wonderful love songs. Sing to your spouse and cast upon her the spell of nostalgia. Add new songs too if you remember any.
Stay safe people. Love is a beautiful thing. I love you all.
I love you, Ruth.





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