I wonder what goes on in your mind when your lips and mine form a perfect bond uniting hungry feelings. Is it the thought of you and I or a lover from before?

I ponder whose picture you have up in your head when my hands slide through your thigh, and the silent song delivered as a sigh escapes from your mouth. Is it mine or is it his?

Whose name do you call when ecstasy evolves from crushing thrust of bodies greeting throngs of foreign words?
I wonder if you think of him at times when on top of the mountain of pleasure you look down with dismay to find my eyes staring, deeply lost at your composure, your body language and the faces.

Is it truly me that causes the shudder and quake I feel both in your voice and your body or is it that of an imaginary friend or a lover from your past whose memory in your mind has formed a perfect cast?

Am I truly  yours, the one you prophesy love to or is it just one of your many exaggerations or blasphemous fallacy?

These thoughts in my head rage like an angry wife in denial. Would you help my misery or compound it?

Written by
Andre N. Ibeh


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