That inexplicable joy one feels when one is celebrated at an unexpected time. When you give your all into something just because it is in you to do just that, oblivious of the fact that people love you for being you, people love you for loving them.

Love is weird. Some take it for granted but being taken for granted still doesn’t stop some from loving so we love and love because we cannot help it.

All this rant because my kids threw me a surprise party, they called me ‘mother’. They didn’t call me ‘aunty’, like they always do, but ‘mother’.

Being on the receiving end of so much love makes me so joyful that I could give that much. It’s not just being called a mother, it’s being celebrated as one.

When young boys and girls come together to surprise a young lady – who probably isn’t more than a decade older – because they feel she has loved them like a mother would, then I can only pray to God to keep me alive long enough to love, love and love everyone I can and whether it is taken for granted or not, I’d still love as best as I can. Yes, because it is fulfilling.

I’d end this with pictures from the surprise party but no, here’s one from Aidee…





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