I wrote this for a blog.

“I dare say that those who cried foul are not feminists. Feminism doesn’t preach disrespect to your spouse. Feminism stands for proper treatment of women, feminism says don’t treat a woman as inferior. It doesn’t say to disrespect your husband. Feminism says, “I may be a woman but society won’t break me down; I get to make a choice rather than do as people expect me to do as a woman; I get to show society that my body isn’t all I have, I also have a brain that can think…”

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2 thoughts on “THOU SHALL NOT BOW (Thoughts)

  1. I myself being a feminist completely agree with you. Feminism is a fight of women for their equal rights. It doesn’t propagate hatred towards men. But over the years I have seen a drastic change in this concept. Young girls have modified this concept to such an extent that people have to explain themselves as to why they support feminism. I just wish that people like you save this movement before it’s too late.


    1. This modification is what is responsible for the misinterpretation of every view a feminist has. I’m glad you agree with me. Really glad.
      And yes, we pray for more people like us to clarify the definition of feminism.

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