Once in a while, I get asked the ‘five-year question’: Where do you see yourself in five years?
The last time I was asked by a friend, my response was almost the same as my past responses which was ‘In my house, upstairs, sipping wine from a beautiful glass and looking through my window at the vast expanse of land – my land- and thinking to myself how hard work pays’.

Sometimes when I see more clearly, I vision wearing something really classy. Other times, I’m answering a phone call or sharing tales with my family. But these are variables. The one constant thing I see is a lady (me) sitting upstairs in her house,holding a glass of wine and enjoying the peace, comfort and joy that comes with satisfaction and fulfilment.

Usually,some puzzled human would ask where the husband and child(ren) come in. Then I wonder where I ever mentioned that, in the picture, I was not married. And what if I’m not married? Should that stop me from living a comfortable life?
Some other human scoffs and says it’s only a dream, you love to dream! Here’s where I say dreams are one of the best things that I feel has happened to me.

So last night, I dreamt of a wedding ceremony and I woke up feeling very angry. The dream was not exactly of a wedding ceremony but of a marriage proposal, a forced acceptance, a wedding dress and a wedding preparation. I narrated this dream to my housemate who teased me about getting married sooner than I probably expect. He asked whether I had thought about marriage before I closed my eyes to sleep. I had not! And I wasn’t exactly excited. Not because I do not want to get married, but because I expected a different dream!

For months, I have worked on a certain business plan. I’ve researched, written and rewritten this plan. I’ve worked hard and had even started seeing clearly the future of this business. Last night, I slept like a log of wood because I spent the whole day working on my business and what do I dream of? An annoying, hot-tempered suitor, marriage proposal, pressure from everyone around to accept…*short break*…, shopping, wedding dress.

Of course I woke up. That was a nightmare! I would not be so angry if the suitor was my friend, my playmate, my partner-in-all-things-silly. So beneath the laughter that accompanied the narration to Mr housemate and the teasing from him, was disappointment. I probably did not work on my business plan enough to sleep and actually dream it. Because dreaming it means achieving it.

I take dreams very seriously, which is why I’m now ‘dashing’ anyone who is interested, my dream from last night. I don’t want it, not even for my fiction stories. All I want to dream of now is simple: my business taking form.

Asides being very generous with last night’s dream, I’ll love for my family (all of you subscribers and readers are my family) to let me know of any organization, individual, society etc., that is open to invest in good businesses. It’s tit for tat. I give out last night’s dream and fight for my dream dream. 🙏😹.

On a final note, keep dreaming (not just at night) and don’t just dream, wake up and shape the dream to reality.

I love you all. Kisses.💗




2 thoughts on “MY DREAM DREAM

  1. its just a silly dream, unconnected to anything mostly…just your subconscious playing tricks on you…meanwhile kudos on working hard on a broad-day-dream but ease up a bit…don’t burn out. be steady.


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