…not because your clock has long ticked
or because Amina and Shekina got married any way.
Not because little Mariam – born before your very eyes –
yesterday gave birth to two beautiful girls
even after you had attended her wedding ceremony
and had acted the role of godmother because she herself lost her mother at the tender age of three.

Not because you cannot afford to pay your rent and he can afford to buy a Range.
Not because you are scared of the future.
Not because you carry his child or she, yours.
Not because friendship can always be cultivated after marriage.
Not because ‘who has friendship helped anyway?’

Marry your friend…
….one who will always be there through it all
holding your hands and saying “we’ll pull through this one”.
One who will look into your angry eyes and melt your heart with that awesome smile that pushes the laughter out of your belly.
One who would share a laugh with you, understand when you need that time to be all by yourself curled up in your own space.
One with whom you can comfortably share a dream with and together,
work your dreams to reality so that every time,
that one would say to the world with pride,
“This one here is mine”.

Marry your friend.
And if you can’t find your friend,



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