Pray tell, is there a word used to describe someone who finds sexual pleasure in having physical wrestles with his/her partner? Not sadist, there has to be a word but I am too lazy to find out.

I still wonder how people negotiate it. I am in a salon and this lady thinks her husband beating her is a sign of love. I now understand the foolish posts I’ve read from some in the past days on social media concerning ‘romantic fights’.
I used to think romantic fights was just another name for pillow fights, you know, those playful fights with one’s partner that almost always leads to cuddles, kisses and very long sleep. Those sorts of fights, I absolutely love.

This woman in the salon, I imagined wearing her shoes. What could possibly be going on in her head? She says couples who do not fight ‘real fight’ never enjoy their relationship. Now I’m thinking, what sort of theory is this? I am trying to imagine trading blows with someone I love!
I can’t! I cannot imagine it.

I get angry but no matter how much I want to strangle the other person, I cannot! The worst I can do is hate myself for letting myself get so worked up, cry when I cannot bear the anger, then eventually sleep, wake up feeling bad, make up with whoever the loved one is, be happy, live. These days, walking away from the source of anger is even more rewarding.

Citing the woman who was killed by her husband as an example, she blamed the woman for cheating on her husband. She said men cheat but hate it when their wives do. I agree that most cheating men hate to have cheating wives but using that to justify a man killing his wife, leaving his little children with their dead mother and running away, is pure evil.

I do not contribute to salon gossip so I shall walk out as soon as I can. I know I should stay, a story may come out if this but no.
I do not want to talk about abuse, prayers or the Bible afterall someone has very rightly pointed out that I am in no position to discuss that as I am unmarried and very much focused on enjoying my life as a spinster, I just need to know what complex word accurately describes couples who derive pleasure in trading blows with each other so that I can add it to my vocab and use it everyday and sound much like a learned woman.

I love you all.

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